April 22, 2018

About Us

Bidwell C. Drake

Bidwell C. Drake, the proprietor of BCD Designs, started designing needlepoint in the 1980's, and has specialized in ecclesiastical needlepoint since 1989.

She carefully incorporates existing elements already in the church into her custom designs so the pieces "belong" in that setting. We work up full-size renditions on paper and send them for approval before we hand paint the canvases. Each kit includes instructions, plenty of moth-proofed yarn, and a needle.

We also offer professional needlepoint finishing, refinishing, and restoration services.

Ms. Drake teaches needlepoint, and has taught the Basketweave stitch to as many as 35 students at a time.

In recent years she has become an art quilter, and regularly does commissioned work for clients.

You are welcome to call us toll-free at 1-800-358-7061 to talk about your needs.