April 22, 2018


Juliet Hemingray Church Textiles, http://www.church-textiles.co.uk
Incredibly beautiful vestments and hangings; clergy gear
Studio Art Quilt Associates, http://www.saqa.com
International association of professional and amateur art quilters
American Needlepoint Guild, http://www.needlepoint.org
Encourages the development of the art of needlepoint.
The site has an excellent FAQ section.
International Quilt Association, http://www.quilts.org
Sponsors huge quilt shows and a week of classes in Houston,
Chicago, and Long Beach each year
Vergers' Guild of the Episcopal Church, http://www.vergers.org
Information on the verger ministry in the United States
Mace Chapter of the Vergers' Guild, Diocese of Texas, http://www.texasvergers.org
Information on the verger ministry in Texas